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2019 SCI Spatiotemporal differentiation and the factors influencing urbanization and ecological environment synergistic effects within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 243 2019 227-239 王振波 王振波 梁龙武 孙湛 王新明  
2019 SCI Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by buildings: A multiscale perspective BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT   151 240-250 韩梦瑶 Li Y 韩梦瑶 Chen G S.Y. Liu  
2019 SSCI Coupling analysis of greenhouse-led farmland transition and rural transformation development in China’s farming area: A case of Qingzhou City land use policy 86   113-125 龙花楼 戈大专 王志华 屠爽爽 龙花楼 Huili Yan
2019 SSCI Electricity consumption changes across China’s provinces using a spatial shift-share decomposition model SUSTAINABILITY 11 9 2494-2508 鲍超 鲍超 刘若文      
2019 SSCI Fine-Scale Spatiotemporal Analysis of Population Vulnerability to Earthquake Disasters: Theoretical Models and Application to Cities SUSTAINABILITY 11   2149 袁海红 袁海红 高晓路 戚伟    
2019 SCI Land Border Tourism Resources in China: Spatial Patterns and Management SUSTAINABILITY 11   236 王英杰 张生瑞 钟林生 鞠洪润 王英杰  
2019 SCI The effect of natural and anthropogenic factors on PM2.5: Empirical evidence from Chinese cities with different income levels SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 653   157–167 张文忠 刘倩倩 王少剑 张文忠 李佳洺 董冠鹏
2019 SCI Urban sprawl in China: Differences and socioeconomic drivers SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 673   367-377 Feng Li 李广东 Feng Li      
2019 SCI Examining the effects of income inequality on CO2 emissions: Evidence from non-spatial and spatial perspectives APPLIED ENERGY 236   163-171 张文忠 刘倩倩 王少剑 张文忠 李佳洺 Yunlong Kong
2019 SCI  Rethinking the Utility of Public Bicycles: The Development and Challenges of Station-Less Bike Sharing in China SUSTAINABILITY 11   1539 黄洁 王姣娥 黄洁 MICHAELDUNFORD    
2019 SSCI Improving socially inclusive development in fast urbanized area: Investigate livelihoods of immigrants and non-immigrants in Nansha Special Economic Zone in China  Habitat International 86 4 10-18 刘志高 杨振山 Yuxuan Wang 刘志高    
2019 SCI Rural land engineering and poverty alleviation: Lessons from typical regions in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 5 643-657 王永生 刘彦随 王永生      
2019 SSCI The Challenges and Strategies of Food Security under Rapid Urbanization in China SUSTAINABILITY 11   542 王永生 王永生        
2019 SCI Land engineering and its role for sustainable agriculture in the agro-pastoral ecotone: A case study of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 5 818-830 李玉恒 wu wenhao chen zongfeng 李玉恒 王永生 YAN Jiayu
2019 SSCI An activity-based integrated land-use transport model for urban spatial distribution simulation  Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 46 1 165-178 LI Jun 牛方曲 LI Jun      
2019 SSCI Land use balance for urban economy: A multi-scale and multi-type perspective land use policy   83 323-333 韩梦瑶 韩梦瑶 Chen G Dunford M    
2019 SCI Freshwater costs of seawater desalination: Systems process analysis for the case plant in China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION   212 677-686 韩梦瑶 Li S Zhang G 韩梦瑶 Wu X Li Y
2019 SCI Modeling the fine-scale spatiotemporal pattern of earthquake casualties in cities: Application to Haidian District, Beijing International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 34   412-422 袁海红 袁海红 高晓路 戚伟    
2019 SSCI A multi-hazard map of China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 51 (01)  8-10 樊杰 刘宝印 樊杰 Yim Ling Siu Gordon Mitchell  
2019 SCI The impacts of urbanization on fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentrations: Empirical evidence from 135 countries worldwide ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 247    989-998 樊杰  Wang Qiang Kwanc Mei-Po 周侃 樊杰 王亚飞
2019 SCI Agricultural CH4 and N2O emissions of major economies: Consumption-vs. production-based perspectives JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 210   276-286 Zhang B 韩梦瑶 Zhang B Zhang Y Guan C  
2019 SCI Hub-and-spoke structure: characterizing the global crude oil transport network with mass vessel trajectories ENERGY 168   966-974 杨宇 彭澎 杨宇 Shifen Cheng 陆锋 Zimu Yuan
2019 SCI Land use and landscape change driven by gully land consolidation project: a case study of S wa-tershed in the Loess Plateau JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 5 719-729 刘彦随 李裕瑞 李怡 范朋灿 孙建 刘彦随
2019 SCI The asymmetric impact of abundant preceding rainfall on heat stress in low latitudes ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS 14 4 044010 汤秋鸿 刘星才 汤秋鸿 Wenfeng Liu Hong Yang Pavel Groisman
2019 SCI A study on the spatial distribution of the renewable energy industries in China and their driving factors RENEWABLE ENERGY 139   161-175 樊杰 王强 Kwanc Mei-Po 樊杰 周侃 王亚飞
2019 SCI Geodetection analysis of the driving forces and JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 5 779-790 han jichang yuan xuefeng han jichang shao yajing 李玉恒 王永生
2019 SSCI Job-worker spatial dynamics in Beijing: Insights from Smart Card Data Cities 86   83-93 王姣娥 黄洁 David Levinson 王姣娥 靳海涛  
2019 SCI Impacts of residential energy consumption on the health burden of household air pollution: Evidence from 135 countries ENERGY POLICY 128   284-295 樊杰 WANG Qiang Mei-Po Kwan 周侃 樊杰 王亚飞
2019 SSCI Threshold Effect of Poverty Alleviation Funds on Human Capital Accumulation: A Case Study of Impoverished Counties in China SUSTAINABILITY   11 1-12   杨振山        
2019 SCI Spatial relationship of high-speed transportation construction and land-use efficiency and its mechanism: Case study of Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 4 549-562 方创琳 崔学刚 方创琳 王振波 鲍超  
2019 SSCI Trans-Provincial Convergence of Per Capita Energy Consumption in Urban China, 1990–2015 SUSTAINABILITY 11 5 1431-1445 鲍超 鲍超 王红杰      
2019 SCI Research on the synergy of urban system operation—Based on the perspective of urban metabolism SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 662   446-454 范育鹏 范育鹏 方创琳      
2019 SCI A review of The Trans-Siberian Railway Zone as the Eurasian Economic Corridor JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 3 480-481   李宇 孙东琪      
2019 SCI Spatio-temporal evolution and the influencing factors of PM2.5 in China between 2000 and 2015 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 29 2 253-270 孙东琪 周亮 周成虎 YANG Fan  CHE Lei WANG Bo
2019 SCI Factors governing variations of provincial consumption-based water footprints in China: An analysis based on comparison with national average SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 654   914–923 孙思奥 孙思奥 方创琳      
2019 SCI Water footprints in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei: A perspective from comparisons between urban and rural consumptions in different regions SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 647   507-515 孙思奥 孙思奥        
2019 SSCI Build a people-oriented urbanization: China’s new-type urbanization dream and Anhui model land use policy 80   1-9 叶超 陈明星 龚颖华 陆大道 叶超  
2018 SCI Development history and accessibility evolution of land transportation network in Beijing-TianjinHebei region over the past century JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 10 1500-1518 金凤君 陈娱 金凤君 LU Yuqi CHEN Zhuo 杨宇
2018 SCI Assessing China’s human-environment relationship JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 12 1-22 刘毅 杨宇 李小云 Jessie Poon 洪辉 何则
2018 SSCI Effects of urban planning in guiding urban growth Evidence from Shenzhen, China Cities       傅伯杰 邓羽 傅伯杰 孙传谆    
2018 SCI Report on the First IGU-AGLE Commission Conference on Global Rural Development and Land Capacity Building JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 1 124-128 杨园园 杨园园 李玉恒 龙花楼    
2018 SSCI What makes better village development in traditional agricultural areas of China? Evidence from long-term observation of typical villages Habitat International       李裕瑞 李裕瑞 范朋灿 刘彦随    
2018 SCI An investigation of non-local-governed urban villages in China from the perspective of the administrative system Habitat International 74   27-35 高晓路 许泽宁 高晓路  Zhongyun Wang Rose Gilroy Haokun Wu
2018 SSCI How does nonfarm employment stability influence farmers' farmland transfer decisions? Implications for China’s land use policy land use policy 74   66-72 苏保忠 苏保忠 李玉恒 李乐群 王玥  
2018 SSCI Spatial Econometric Analysis of Urban and County-level Economic Growth Convergence in China International Regional Science Review  39   1-38 李广东 李广东 方创琳      
2018 SCI An inexact log-normal distribution-based stochastic chance-constrained model for agricultural water quality management Engineering Optimization  50 5 840-855 许业 王昱 樊杰 许业 孙威 陈东
2018 SCI A discursive construction of the Belt and Road Initiative: From neo-liberal to inclusive globalization JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9 1199-1214    刘卫东 MICHAELDUNFORD Gao Boyang    
2018 SSCI The impacts of city-specific factors on social integration of Chinese migrant workers: A study using multilevel modeling JOURNAL OF URBAN AFFAIRS 12 12 1-15 Ming Tian 田明 Zheng Tian 孙威    
2018 SCI Are Chinese resource- exhausted cities in remote locations? JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 12 1781-1792 孙威 孙威 毛凌潇      
2018 SCI The structure and evolution of trade relations between countries along the Belt and Road  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9  1233-1248  陈伟 刘志高 王涛 Jung Won SONN 陈伟  
2018 SCI Understanding spatial structures and organizational patterns of city networks in China: A highway passenger flow perspective JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 4 477-494  刘卫东 陈伟 刘卫东 柯文前 王女英  
2018 SCI Heavy metals in paddy soil-rice systems of industrial and township areas in China: Levels, transfer and health risks JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION 194   210-219 陈伟 陆安详 Bingru Li 李静 Wei Chen  Li Xu
2018 SCI Polycentric Development and the Role of Urban Polycentric Planning in China’s Mega Cities: An Examination of Beijing’s Metropolitan Area SUSTAINABILITY 10 158 1-14 刘盛和 刘振 刘盛和      
2018 SSCI Land use transitions and land management: A mutual feedback perspective land use policy 74   111–120 龙花楼 龙花楼 曲艺      
2018 SCI The identification of global strategic shipping pivots and their spatial patterns JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9 1215-1232 王成金 王成金 CHEN Peiran CHEN Yunhao    
2018 SCI The driving factors of air quality index in China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 197   1342e1351 张文忠 湛东升 Mei-Po Kwan 张文忠 Xiaofeng Yu Bin Meng
2018 SCI Spatiotemporal patterns of urban sprawl and its relationship with economic development in China during 1990–2010 Habitat International 79   51-60 Charlie Zhang Charlie Zhang Changhong Miao 张文忠 Xiaohong Chen  
2018 SSCI Land consolidation for rural sustainability in China: Practical reflections and policy implications land use policy 74   137-141 李玉恒 李玉恒 武文豪 刘彦随    
2018 SSCI Strategic adjustment of land use policy under the economic transformation land use policy 74   5-14 杨园园 刘彦随 李进涛 杨园园    
2018 SCI Does foreign direct investment affect environmental pollution in China's cities? A spatial econometric perspective SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 613-614   521-529 张文忠 刘倩倩 王少剑 张文忠 湛东升 李佳洺
2018 SCI Reshaping the Sustainable Geographical Pattern: A Major Function Zoning Model and Its Applications in China Earths Future 7 1 1-18 樊杰 樊杰 王亚飞 王传胜 陈田 金凤君
2018 SCI Comprehensive methods for measuring regional multidimensional development and their applications in China  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 8 1182-1196 XU Xiaoren 徐勇 段健 徐小任    
2018 SSCI The economic and environmental effects of land use transitions under rapid urbanization and the implications for land use management Habitat International 82   113-121 龙花楼 曲艺 龙花楼      
2018 SCI Farmland function evolution in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain: Processes, patterns and mechanisms  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 6 759-777 龙花楼 张英男 龙花楼 马历 屠爽爽 曲艺
2018 SSCI Rural restructuring at village level under rapid urbanization in metropolitan suburbs of China and its implications for innovations in land use policy Habitat International 77   143-152 龙花楼 屠爽爽 龙花楼 张英男 戈大专 曲艺
2018 SCI Microcystis aeruginosa Synergistically Facilitate the Photocatalytic Degradation of Tetracycline Hydrochloride and Cr(VI) on PAN/TiO2/Ag Nanofiber Mats  Catalysts 2018 8 628 王振波 王蕾 Changbo Zhang Rong Cheng Jafar Ali 王振波
2018 SSCI Land Spatial Development Based on Carrying Capacity, Land Development Potential, and Efficiency of Urban Agglomerations in China SUSTAINABILITY 2018 10 4701 王振波 王振波        
2018 SSCI Decarbonizing China’s Urban Agglomerations ANNALS OF THE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS       方创琳 王少剑 方创琳 Sun LX  Su YX Xiuzhi Chen
2018 SCI Characteristics of scientific impact of Resources Conservation and Recycling in the past 30 years RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING 137 137 251-259 方恺 Hui-Zhen Fu 方恺 方创琳    
2018 SCI Optimization Transmission Theory and Technical Pathways that Describe Multiscale Urban Agglomeration Spaces  CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 28 4 543–554 方创琳 方创琳 杨俊宴 方嘉雯 黄解军 周艺
2018 SCI Evaluating Performance and Elucidating the Mechanisms of Collaborative Development within the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei Region, China SUSTAINABILITY 10 10 471-490 罗奎 方创琳 罗奎 Yunlong Kong Haoxi Lin Yufei Ren
2018 SSCI The border effect on urban land expansion in China: The case of BeijingTianjin-Hebei region land use policy 78 78(2018) 287-294 刘慧 Chenglong Wang 刘慧 Mengtian Zhang Zongcai Wei  
2018 SSCI Assessment and determinants of satisfaction with urban livability in China Cities 79   92-101 张文忠 湛东升 关美宝 张文忠 樊杰 余建辉
2018 SCI Transfers of embodied PM2.5 emissions from and to the North China region based on a multiregional input-output model ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 235   381-393 张文忠 杨雪 张文忠 樊杰 余建辉 赵红艳
2018 SCI Urbanization, economic growth, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions: Empirical evidence from countries with different income levels RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 81   2144-2159 李广东 王少剑 李广东 方创琳    
2018 SSCI Agglomeration and Spatial Spillover Effects of Regional Economic Growth in China SUSTAINABILITY 10 4695   李广东 Li Feng 李广东      
2018 SSCI Visualizing the intercity highway network in Mainland China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE       Li Jun 牛方曲 Li Jun      
2018 SSCI Visualizing the intercity railway network in Mainland China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 50 5 945-947 Li Jun 牛方曲 Li Jun      
2018 SSCI Modeling the population and industry distribution impacts of urban land use policies in Beijing land use policy 2018 70 347-359 Li Jun 牛方曲 Li Jun      
2018 SSCI Changing PM2.5 concentrations in China from 1998 to 2014 ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 50 1 5-8 孙思奥 李广东 孙思奥      
2018 SSCI  Transnational elites enhance the connectivity of Chinese cities in the world city network ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 50 4 749–751 马海涛 马海涛 张芳芳 刘晔    
2018 SSCI Investigating operations of industrial parks in Beijing: efficiency at different stages ECONOMIC RESEARCH-EKONOMSKA ISTRAZIVANJA 31 1 755-777 杨振山 杨振山 郝高建 程哲    
2018 SCI Investigation on structural and spatial characteristics of taxi trip trajectory network in Xi’an, China PHYSICA A-STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 506   755-766 付鑫 杨宇 何则 宋周莺 付鑫 王建伟
2018 SCI Spatial and Temporal Variation of NDVI in Response to Climate Change and the Implication for Carbon Dynamics in Nepal forests 329 9   汤秋鸿 Binod Baniya 汤秋鸿 黄忠伟 孙思奥 Kua-anan Techatol
2018 ESCI An Integrated Land Use and Transport Model to Examine Polycentric Policies of Beijing International review for spatial planning and sustainable development 6 1 1-17 牛方曲 牛方曲 刘卫东 陈明星    
2018 SCI Does anthropogenic land use change play a role in changes of precipitation frequency and intensity over the Loess Plateau of China? Remote Sensing 10 11 1818 刘正佳 刘正佳 刘彦随      
2018 SSCI Spatial Differences in and Influences upon the Sustainable Development Level of the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration in China SUSTAINABILITY 10 2 411 孙东琪 张明斗 肖航 孙东琪 李宇  
2018 SSCI Modelling the competitiveness of the ports along the Maritime Silk Road with big data Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 118   852-867 杨宇 彭彭 杨宇 陆锋 Shifen Cheng Naixia Mou
2018 SSCI Does PPP Matter to Sustainable Tourism Development? An Analysis of the Spatial Effect of the Tourism PPP Policy in China SUSTAINABILITY   10 1-15 Ming Xu 程哲 杨振山 Huina Gao Ming Xu  Hui Tao
2018 SCI Projected Changes in High Temperature Extremes and Heat Stress in China JOURNAL OF METEOROLOGICAL RESEARCH 32 3 351–366 汤秋鸿 刘星才 汤秋鸿 张学君 孙思奥  
2018 SSCI Poverty alleviation in rural China: Policy changes, future challenges and policy implications China Agricultural Economic Eeview 10 2 241-259 周扬 刘彦随 郭远智 周扬    
2018 SSCI Comparing China's urban systems in high-speed railway and airline networks Journal of Transport Geography   68 233-244 王姣娥 杨浩然 Frédéric Dobruszkes 王姣娥 Martin Dijst  
2018 SCI China’s fight against soil pollution SCIENCE       刘彦随 周扬 刘彦随      
2018 SSCI Comparing passenger flow and time schedule data to analyse High-Speed Railways and urban networks in China urban studies   4 1-21 Haoran Yang 杨浩然 Martin Dijst Patrick Witte  Hans van Ginkel  王姣娥
2018 SSCI The implications of high-speed railways on air passenger ?ows in China  APPLIED GEOGRAPHY   97 1-9 王姣娥 杨浩然  Guillaume Burghouwt 王姣娥  Thijs Boonekamp  
2018 SCI An organizational model and border port hinterlands for the China-Europe Railway Express  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9  1275-1287  JIAO Jingjuan 王姣娥 焦敬娟 马丽    
2018 SCI Outsourcing natural resource requirements within China JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 228   292-302 Bo Zhang Y Zhang L Shao X Sun 韩梦瑶 X Zhao
2018 SCI Temporal evolution and influencing factors of energy consumption and related carbon emissions from the perspective of industrialization and urbanization in Shanghai SUSTAINABILITY 12 8 1-13 李平星 李平星 孙威      
2018 SCI Groundwater Level Analysis Using Regional Kendall Test for Trend with Spatial Autocorrelation Groundwater       孙思奥 方创琳 孙思奥 贾绍凤 李媛媛  
2018 SSCI Urbanization for rural sustainability-Rethinking China's Urbanization Strategy Journal of Cleaner Production 178   580-586 李玉恒 李玉恒 贾林瑞 武文豪 阎佳玉 刘彦随
2018 SCI What drove changes in the embodied energy consumption of Guangdong's exports from 2007-2012? SUSTAINABILITY 10   2755-2770 邹嘉龄 唐志鹏 邹嘉龄 武爽    
2018 SCI Tracking embodied carbon flows in the Belt and Road regions JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9 1263-1274 刘卫东 韩梦瑶 Q Yao 刘卫东 M Dunford  
2018 SCI Measuring spatial accessibility to ecological recreation spaces in the Pearl River delta region: an improved two-step floating catchment area method JOURNAL OF SPATIAL SCIENCE 63 2 279-295 王开泳 王甫园 王开泳      
2018 SSCI Spatial restructuring and the logic of industrial land redevelopment in urban China: II. A case study of the redevelopment of a local state-owned enterprise in Nanjing land use policy 72   372-380 刘彦随 高金龙 陈雯 刘彦随    
2018 SCI The evaluation of soil stability in loess hilly and gully region of Northern Shaanxi based on GIS Geological Journal 53 2 379-386 刘彦随 员学锋 侯瑞 刘彦随 卫新东 王晓峰
2018 SCI A study of the differentiation and evolutionary models of industrial bases in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 12 1757-1780 杨宇 金凤君 陈琳琳 杨宇 洪辉  
2018 SCI Geographical patterns and anti-poverty targeting post-2020 in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 12 1810-1824 曹智 郭远智 周扬 曹智    
2018 SCI Help relieve poverty with solar power NATURE       刘彦随 周扬 刘彦随      
2018 SSCI Historical Arable Land Change in an Eco-Fragile Area: A Case Study in Zhenlai County, Northeastern China SUSTAINABILITY 10 3940 1-20 杨园园 杨园园 张树文      
2018 SSCI Measure of urban-rural transformation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in the new millennium: Population-land-industry perspective land use policy 79 2018 595-608 刘彦随 杨园园 刘彦随 李裕瑞 李进涛  
2018 SCI Hierarchy, clusters, and spatial differences in Chinese inter-city networks constructed by scientific collaborators JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 12 1793-1809 马海涛 马海涛 方创琳 林赛南 黄晓东 徐成东
2018 SCI Urban sprawl among Chinese cities of different population sizes Habitat International 79   89-98 刘盛和 刘振 刘盛和 戚伟 金浩然  
2018 SCI Tracking carbon transfers embodied in Chinese municipalities domestic and foreign trade JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 192   950-960 韩梦瑶 YL Li B Chen 韩梦瑶 M Dunford 刘卫东
2018 SCI Consumption-based accounting of global anthropogenic CH4 emissions Earths Future 6   1349-1363 B Zhang B Zhang X Zhao X Wu 韩梦瑶 CH Guan
2018 SCI Spatial Differentiation and Influencing Mechanism of Medical Care Accessibility in Beijing: A Migrant Equality Perspective CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 28 2 353-362 刘盛和 赵美风 刘盛和 戚伟    
2018 SCI The trade network of the Belt and Road Initiative and its topological relationship to the global trade network JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9 1249-1262 杨宇 宋周莺 Che Shuyun 杨宇    
2018 SCI Comparative research on  differences in urbanization and spatial evolution of urban systems between China and India JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 12 1860-1876 杨宇 李佳洺 杨宇 樊杰 金凤君 张文忠
2018 SSCI Impact of Urban Rail Transit on Business Districts Based on Time Distance: Urumqi Light Rail Journal of Urban Planning and Development 144 3 04018024   Chang Ting Degang Yang 杨宇 Jinwei Huo Guiling Wang
2018 SSCI Progress of China's new-type urbanization construction since 2014: A preliminary assessment Cities 78   180-193 叶超 陈明星 刘卫东 陆大道 Hao Chen 叶超
2018 SCI Spatial Diffusion of Taiwanese Enterprises in Mainland China under the Vision of Rural Industrial Vitalization SUSTAINABILITY 10 10 3672-3689 王开泳 林明水 林娟 林彩兵 张岸 王开泳
2018 SCI Structural contribution and scenario simulation of highway passenger transit carbon emissions in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan region, China RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING   140 209-215 Shaojian Wang 马海涛 孙威 王少剑 康雷  
2018 SCI Spatio-temporal evolution of population and urbanization in the countries along the Belt and Road 1950–2050 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 7 919-936 方创琳 刘海猛 方创琳 MIAO Yi 马海涛 张蔷
2018 SCI Analysis of spatiotemporal changes of the human-water relationship using water resources constraint intensity index in Northwest China ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS   84 119-129 鲍超 鲍超 邹建军      
2018 SCI Income distribution and environmental quality in China: A spatial econometric perspective JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 205   14-26 张文忠 刘倩倩 王少剑 张文忠 李佳洺  
2018 SSCI Exploring the changing patterns of China's migration and its determinants using census data of 2000 and 2010 Habitat International       刘彦随 曹智 郑小玉 刘彦随 李裕瑞 陈玉福
2018 SSCI The international investment in theme parks: Spatial distribution and decision-making mechanism, an empirical study for China. TOURISM MANAGEMENT 67   342-350 李涛 李涛 刘家明 朱鹤    
2018 SCI Extended warm temperature zone and opportunities for cropping system change in the Loess Plateau INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY     1-12 刘彦随 刘正佳 刘彦随 李裕瑞    
2018 SCI Anthropogenic contributions dominate trends of vegetation cover change over the farming-pastoral ecotone of northern China ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 95   370–378 刘正佳 刘正佳 刘彦随 李裕瑞    
2018 SSCI Targeted poverty alleviation and land policy innovation: Some practice and policy implications from China land use policy 74   53-65 周扬 周扬 郭远智 刘彦随 吴文祥 李裕瑞
2018 SCI A study on the influence mechanism of vandalism intention of outbound tourists based on extended theory of planned behavior model APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 16 5 5955-5969. 肖新妮 林明水 虞虎 肖新妮 王开泳  
2018 SCI Improved crop yield and reduced nitrate nitrogen leaching with straw return in a rice-wheat rotation of Ningxia irrigation district SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8     王永生 杨世琦 王永生 刘汝亮 邢磊 杨正礼
2018 SCI Business characteristics and efficiency of rural tourism enterprises: an empirical study from China Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research       刘家明 李涛 刘家明 朱鹤 张书颖  
2018 SCI Land consolidation engineering and modern agriculture: A case study from soil particles to agricultural systems JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 12 1864-1874 王永生 刘彦随 郑小玉 王永生 李玉恒 武文豪
2018 SSCI An Empirical Study on  Spatial–Temporal Dynamics and Influencing Factors of Tea Production in China SUSTAINABILITY 10 9 3037 樊杰 刘汉初 樊杰 周侃    
2018 SCI Development characteristics and evolution mechanism of homestay agglomeration in Mogan Mountain, China SUSTAINABILITY 10   2964 刘家明 龙飞 刘家明 张书颖 虞虎 Hou Jiang
2018 SSCI Identifying Economic Growth Convergence Clubs and Their Influencing Factors in China SUSTAINABILITY 10   2588 李广东 Feng Li 李广东 秦伟山 秦静 马海涛
2018 SCI Drought Monitoring of Southwestern China Using Insufficient GRACE Data for the Long-Term Mean Reference Frame under Global Change JOURNAL OF CLIMATE 31   6897-6911 黄耀欢 赵传朋 黄耀欢 李中华 陈明星  
2018 SCI Evolutionary Pattern and Effect of Administrative Division Adjustment During Urbanization of China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 28 5   邓羽 虞虎 邓羽 徐姗    
2018 SCI Spatiotemporal changes in recreation potential of ecosystem services in Sanjiangyuan, China JOURNAL OF SPATIAL SCIENCE       王灵恩 曾瑜皙 钟林生 王灵恩    
2018 SSCI An Analysis of Rural Household Livelihood Change and the Regional Effect in a Western Impoverished Mountainous Area of China SUSTAINABILITY 10 1738 1-17   王传胜        
2018 SCI Chinese overseas industrial parks in Southeast Asia JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 9 1288-1305 叶尔肯·吾扎提 宋涛 刘卫东 刘志高 叶尔肯·吾扎提  
2018 SCI Assessment of coastal development policy based on simulating a sustainable land‐use scenario for Liaoning Coastal Zone in China LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT       樊杰 樊杰 王强 王亚飞 陈东 周侃
2018 SSCI Imbalanced ownership transformation and land use within an urban area: a case study of Beijing land use policy 74   240-247 余建辉 李佳洺 李玉恒 张文忠 余建辉  
2018 SSCI An overview of arable land use for the world economy: From source to sink via the global supply chain land use policy 76   201-214 G.Q. Chen XD Wu JL Guo 韩梦瑶 G Chen  
2018 SCI Spatial evolution of coal transportation at coastal ports in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 2 238-256 王成金 王伟 王成金 金凤君    
2018 SSCI Quantifying spatio-temporal patterns of urban expansion in Beijing during 1985–2013 with rural-urban development transformation land use policy 74   220-230 刘彦随 杨园园 刘彦随 李裕瑞 杜国明  
2018 SSCI Efficiency of construction land allocation in China: An econometric analysis of panel data land use policy 74   261–272 周扬 刘彦随 张紫雯 周扬    
2018 SCI Tourism Resource Assessment and Spatial Analysis of Wine Tourism Development: A Case Study of the Eastern Foothills of China’s Helan Mountains JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 15 3  645-656 刘家明 王磊 刘家明 王灵恩 朱鹤 林静
2018 SSCI High-level talent flow and its influence on regional unbalanced development in China APPLIED GEOGRAPHY  91   81-89 刘彦随 周扬 郭远智 刘彦随    
2018 SSCI Urban expansion dynamics and modes in metropolitan Guangzhou, China land use policy 72   100-109 王介勇 龚建周 Huzhiren Chen Wenli 刘彦随 王介勇
2018 SSCI Spatial shifts in grain production increases in China and implications for food security land use policy 74   204-213 王介勇 王介勇 张紫雯 刘彦随    
2018 SSCI The varying driving forces of urban expansion in China: Insights from a spatial-temporal analysis LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING 174   63-77 孙思奥 李广东 孙思奥 方创琳    
2018 SCI Water use trend analysis: a non-parametric method for the environmental Kuznets curve detection  JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 172   497-507 孙思奥 孙思奥 方创琳      
2018 SCI PM2.5 mitigation in China: Socioeconomic determinants of concentrations and differential control policies JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT   213 47-55 李广东 罗奎 李广东 方创琳 孙思奥  
2018 SCI Ultra-high voltage network induced energy cost and carbon emissions JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 178   276-292 李佳硕,陈国谦 魏文栋 吴旭东 李佳硕 蒋兴艳 张浦
2018 SCI Measuring model of rural transformation development path in Fuping County of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region Habitat International 74   48-56 刘彦随 李进涛 贾林瑞 刘彦随 杨园园 蒋宁
2018 SCI Embodied water analysis for Hebei Province, China by input-output modelling FRONTIERS OF EARTH SCIENCE 12 1 72-85 Xudong WU 韩梦瑶 Liu SY Xu XD Wu XF Li Z
2018 SSCI Urban floorspace distribution and development prediction based on floorspace development model COMPUTERS ENVIRONMENT AND URBAN SYSTEMS 69   63-73 韩梦瑶 牛方曲 韩梦瑶      
2018 SCI Global land-water nexus: Agricultural land and freshwater use embodied in worldwide supply chains SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 613-614   931-943 J.S. Li B. Chen 韩梦瑶 K. Peng L. Shao X.F. Wu
2018 SCI Embodied water demands, transfers and imbalance of China's mega-cities JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 172   1336-1345 韩梦瑶 Y.L. Li 韩梦瑶      
2018 SCI The higher grain production, the more social deprivation_ A case study of Henan province in traditional agricultural areas of China JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 15 1 167-180 刘彦随 高军波 乔伟峰 刘彦随 李裕瑞 Tu Wei
2018 SCI Global water transfers embodied in international trade: Tracking imbalanced and inefficient flows JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 184   50-64 韩梦瑶 韩梦瑶 G Chen Y Li    
2018 SCI Effects of altitude on county economic development in China JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 15 2 406-418   朱付彪 方一平 邱小平 杨雪婷 虞虎
2018 SCI Land use change and effect analysis of tideland reclamation in Hangzhou Bay JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 15 2 394-405 刘彦随 李进涛 刘彦随 杨园园    
2018 SCI Analysis of the coupled relationship between grain yields and agricultural labor changes in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 28 1 93-108 龙花楼 戈大专 龙花楼 张英男 屠爽爽  
2018 SCI Planning a sustainable urban electric power system with considering effects of new energy resources and clean production levels under uncertainty: A case study of Tianjin, China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 173   67-81 龙花楼 陈聪 龙花楼 Xueting Zeng    
2018 SCI Anti-drought measures and their effectiveness: A study of farmers’ actions and government support in China ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 87   285-295 杨宇 李小云 杨宇 Jessie Poon 刘毅 刘慧
2018 SSCI Farmland transition and its influences on grain production in China land use policy 70   94-105 龙花楼 戈大专 龙花楼 张英男 马历 李婷婷
2018 SSCI The Built Environment and Trip Chaining Behavior Revisited The Joint Effects of the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem and Tour Purpose urban studies 18 1 1-23 王振波 王振波 Liya YANG Lingqian HU    
2018 SSCI Global arable land transfers embodied in Mainland China’s foreign trade land use policy 70   521-534 韩梦瑶 韩梦瑶 G.Q. Chen      
2018 SCI Global energy flows embodied in international trade: A combination of environmentally extended input–output analysis and complex network analysis APPLIED ENERGY 210   98-107 G.Q. Chen B. Chen J.S. Li X.F. Wu 韩梦瑶 L. Zeng
2017 SSCI Spatial Differentiation and Integration Optimization of an Urban Agglomeration Tourism System under the Influence of High-Speed Railway Network Evolution Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy       黄泰 黄泰 席建超 葛全胜    
2017 SCI Livelihood differentiation between two villages in Yesanpo Tourism District in China JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 14 11 2359-2372  席建超 黄泰 葛全胜 席建超    
2017 SCI  Spatial differentiation of China’s summer tourist destinations based on climatic suitability using the Universal Thermal Climate Index THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY       杨俊 杨俊 张振峰 李雪铭 席建超 Zhangxian Feng
2017 SCI Risk Forewarning of Regional Development Sustainability Based on a Natural Resources and Environmental Carrying Index in China Earths Future 5 2 196-213 樊杰 樊杰 王亚飞 欧阳志云 李丽娟 徐勇
2017 SSCI Analysis Framework of China’s Grain Production System: A Spatial Resilience Perspective SUSTAINABILITY 9   2340 龙花楼 戈大专 龙花楼 马历 张英男 屠爽爽
2017 SCI Space-time Relationship Between Urban Municipal District Adjustment and Built-up Area Expansion in China  CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 27 2 165-175 戚伟 王开泳 戚伟      
2017 SSCI Circular visualization of China’s internal migration flows 2010–2015 ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 0 0 1-5 Guy J Abel 戚伟 Guy J Abel Raya Muttarak 刘盛和  
2017 SSCI Digital inequality in provincial China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE       方创琳 刘海猛 方创琳 孙思奥    
2017 SSCI Mapping urban CO2 emissions using DMSP/OLS ‘city lights’ satellite data in China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 49 2 248-251 李广东 王岩 李广东      
2017 SSCI Geographies of click-consumption power in China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 49 1 6-8 杨振山 杨振山        
2017 SSCI EAST ASIA AND SOLAR ENERGY TRADE NETWORK PATTERN Geographical Review 107 2 276-295   杨宇 Jessie 董雯    
2017 SCI  Residents’ Attitudes Towards Tourism Development: Influence of Perceived Impacts, Sense of Place and Tourism Development Potential SUSTAINABILITY 61 9   刘家明 朱鹤 刘家明 魏宗财 李伟亨 Lei Wang
2017 SCI Recreational Business District Boundary Identifying and Spatial Structure Influence in Historic Area Development: A case study of Qianmen area, China Habitat International 63   11-20 刘家明 朱鹤 刘家明 Huaxian Liu 王熙博 马云飞
2017 SCI Spring green-up date derived from GIMMS3g and SPOT-VGT NDVI of winter wheat cropland in the North China Plain ISPRS JOURNAL OF PHOTOGRAMMETRY AND REMOTE SENSING 130 1 81-91 吴朝阳 刘正佳 吴朝阳 刘彦随 汪箫悦 Bin Fang
2017 SSCI Impacts of high-speed rail lines on the city network in China JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT GEOGRAPHY 60   257-266 王姣娥 焦敬娟 王姣娥 金凤君    
2017 SCI Multi-order urban development model and sprawl patterns: An analysis in China, 2000–2010 Landscape and urban planning 167   386-398 胡守庚 童陆亿 胡守庚 Amy E. Frazier 刘彦随  
2017 SCI Cultivated Land Use Benefits Under State and Collective Agrarian Property Regimes in China SUSTAINABILITY 10 2 7 杜国明 李全峰 胡守庚 杜国明 Chuanrong Zhang 刘彦随
2017 SCI Evaluation of Intensive Urban Land Use Based on an Artificial Neural Network Model: A Case Study of Nanjing City, China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 27 5 735-746 刘彦随 乔伟峰 高军波 刘彦随 秦玥珩 卢诚
2017 SSCI The Limits of Guanxi for Chinese Nationals Doing Business Abroad: Empirical Investigation into Chinese Companies in Germany TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR ECONOMISCHE EN SOCIALE GEOGRAFIE 109 3 420–433 YUE-FANG SI LAN LIN 王岱 YUE-FANG SI    
2017 SCI Spatial difference and mechanisms of influence of geo-economy in the border areas of China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 12 1-18 程艺 宋涛 程艺 刘卫东 刘慧  
2017 SCI Assessing the Effect of Eco-City Practices on Urban Sustainability Using an Extended Ecological Footprint Model: A Case Study in Xi’an, China SUSTAINABILITY 9 9 1591-1606 王开泳 王甫园 王开泳      
2017 SCI Review of and prospects for China’s human and economic geography JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 12 1556-1576  牛方曲 陈明星 龙花楼 王成金 黄金川 牛方曲
2017 SCI Spatiotemporal Variations and Driving Factors of Air Pollution in China INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 14   1538 张文忠 湛东升 关美宝 张文忠 王少剑 余建辉
2017 SSCI Precarity among Highly-Educated Migrants: College Graduates in Beijing, China Urban Geography       邓羽 王昊 李伟 邓羽    
2017 SCI Dynamic analysis of ecological environment combined with land cover and NDVI changes and implications for sustainable urban–rural development_ The case of Mu Us Sandy Land, China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 142   697-715 李裕瑞 李裕瑞 曹智 龙花楼 刘彦随  
2017 SCI Global water transfers embodied in Mainland China's foreign trade: Production- and consumption-based perspectives JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 161   188-199 Guoqian Chen 韩梦瑶 Dunford M Chen G 刘卫东 Li Y
2017 SCI Spatially distinct effects of preceding precipitation on heat stress over Eastern China ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS 12    115010 汤秋鸿 刘星才 汤秋鸿 张学君 Pavel Ya Groisman 孙思奥
2017 SCI A Bayesian method for missing rainfall estimation using a conceptual rainfall–runoff model HYDROLOGICAL SCIENCES JOURNAL-JOURNAL DES SCIENCES HYDROLOGIQUES       孙思奥 孙思奥 G. Leonhardt S. Sandoval J.-L. Bertrand-Krajewski W. Rauch
2017 SCI An evaluation of China’s urban agglomeration development from the spatial perspective Spatial Statistics 21 B 475-491 高晓路 高晓路 许泽宁 牛方曲 Long Ying  
2017 SCI Rural restructuring in China: Theory, approaches and research prospect JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 10 1169-1184 龙花楼 屠爽爽 龙花楼      
2017 SCI When and where did the Loess Plateau turn “green”_ Analysisof the tendency and brea kpoints of the normalized differencevegetation index LAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT Early View Early View 1-14 刘彦随 曹智 李裕瑞 刘彦随 陈玉福 王永生
2017 SCI The impact of anthropogenic emissions and meteorological conditions onthe spatial variation of ambient SO2concentrations: A panel study of 113Chinese cities SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT     318–328 张文忠 杨雪 Shaojian Wang 张文忠 湛东升 李佳洺
2017 SCI Accelerated Urban Expansion in Lhasa City and the Implications for Sustainable Development in a Plateau City SUSTAINABILITY 9 2017 1499 李裕瑞 wei Tang Tiancai zhou 孙建 李裕瑞 Weipeng Li
2017 SSCI Final production-based emissions of regions in China Economic Systems Research         Sai Liang Yafei Wang Chao Zhang Ming Xu Ming Xu
2017 SSCI Book Review:Michael Dunford and Weidong Liu (eds), The Geographical Transformation of China Progress in Human Geography 41 5 697-699   杨振山        
2017 SSCI The Influence of Income, Lifestyle, and Green Spaces on Interregional Migration: Policy Implications for China Population Space and Place 23 2 1-14 邓羽 杨振山 蔡建明 戚伟 刘盛和 邓羽
2017 SSCI City shrinkage in China: scalar processes of urban and hukou population losses Regional Studies       杨振山 杨振山 Michael Dunford      
2017 SSCI Cluster Evolution and Urban Industrial Dynamics in the Transition from a Planned to a Socialist Market Economy: the Case of Beijing Spatial Economic Analysis 12 1 50-71 杨振山 杨振山 Mick Dunford      
2017 SCI Human-biometeorological assessment of increasing summertime extreme heat events in Shanghai, China during 1973-2015  THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY 130 3-4 1055-1064 郑景云 孔钦钦 葛全胜 席建超 郑景云  
2017 SCI Location characteristics and differentiation mechanism of logistics nodes and logistics enterprises based on points of interest (POI): A case study of Beijing JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 7  879-896 金凤君 李国旗 金凤君 陈娱 焦敬娟 刘思婧
2017 SSCI Global city size hierarchy: Spatial patterns, regional features, and implications for China Habitat International 66   149-162 刘海猛 方创琳 庞博 刘海猛    
2017 SCI Process and proposal for comprehensive regionalization of Chinese human geography JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 10 1155-1168 方创琳 方创琳 刘海猛  LUO Kui1 YU Xiaohua  
2017 SCI A proposal for the theoretical analysis of the interactive coupled effects between urbanization and the eco-environment in mega-urban agglomerations JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 12 1431-1499 方创琳 方创琳 周成虎 GU Chaolin CHEN Liding LI Shuangcheng
2017 SCI Analysis of emergy-based metabolic efficiency and environmental pressure on the local coupling and telecoupling between urbanization and the eco-environment in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration SCIENCE CHINA-EARTH SCIENCES 60 6 1083-1097 方创琳 方创琳 REN YuFei      
2017 SSCI A geospatial analysis of multi-scalar regional inequality in China and in metropolitan regions APPLIED GEOGRAPHY 88   199-212 方创琳 He Sanwei 方创琳 Wenting Zhang    
2017 SCI Urban agglomeration: An evolving concept of an emerging phenomenon Landscape and urban planning 162   126 –136 方创琳 方创琳 余丹林      
2017 SSCI The Dynamics of Public Safety in Cities: A Case Study of Shanghai from 2010 – 2025 Habitat International 69   104-113  方创琳 Yu Danlin        
2017 SCI China’s Rare Earths Production Forecasting and Sustainable Development Policy Implications SUSTAINABILITY 9   1003 李佳硕 王熙博 姚明涛 李佳硕 张科学 朱鹤
2017 SCI Carbon emissions of urban power grid in Jing-Jin-Ji region: Characteristics and influential factors. Journal of Cleaner Production JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 168   428-440 李佳硕 魏文栋 王熙博 朱鹤 李冀 周十力
2017 SCI The Functional Structure Convergence of China’s Coastal Ports SUSTAINABILITY 9 2185 1-5 王成金 王伟 王成金 金凤君    
2017 SSCI Analysis of the spatial mismatch of grain production and farmland resources in China based on the potential crop rotation system land use policy 60     龙花楼 李婷婷 龙花楼 张英男 屠爽爽 戈大专
2017 SCI Examining the relationship between urbanization and the eco-environment using a coupling analysis: Case study of Shanghai, China ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 77   185-193   He Jinqiang Wang Shaojian Liu Yanyan 马海涛 Liu Qianqian
2017 SSCI Spatial structure, inequality and trading community of renewable energy networks: A comparative study of solar and hydro energy product trades Energy Policy 107   22-31 杨宇 付鑫 杨宇 董雯 王长建 刘毅
2017 SCI Energy efficiency and carbon efficiency of tourism industry Energy Efficiency       钟林生 唐承财 钟林生 Qun’ou Jiang    
2017 SCI Identifying the Conditions for Rural Sustainability through Place-Based Culture: Applying the CIPM and CDPM Models into Meibei Ancient Village SUSTAINABILITY 9   1-15 蔡建明 林静 蔡建明 韩燕 刘建生  
2017 SSCI China's municipal public infrastructure: Estimating construction levels and investment efficiency using the entropy method and a DEA model Habitat International 64   59-70 李佳洺 刘倩倩 王少剑 张文忠 李佳洺  
2017 SCI A study of provincial differences in China’s eco-compensation framework JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 2 240-256 陈明星 刘春腊 刘卫东 陆大道 陈明星 徐美
2017 SSCI  Exploring the coupling and decoupling relationships between urbanization quality and water resources constraint intensity: Spatiotemporal analysis for Northwest China SUSTAINABILITY 9 11 1960-1976 鲍超 鲍超 邹建军      
2017 SSCI Uneven development, urbanization and production of space in the middle-scale region based on the case of Jiangsu province, China Habitat International 66 8 106-116 陈明星 Ye Chao 陈明星 Duan Jinjun Yang Dongyang  
2017 SCI Research progress in man-land relationship evolution and its environment base in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 8 899-924 杨宇 李小云 杨宇 刘毅    
2017 SSCI Value Assessment of ArtificialWetland Derived from Mining Subsided Lake: A Case Study of Jiuli Lake Wetland in Xuzhou SUSTAINABILITY 2017 9 1-17 王振波 LaijianWang Lachun Wang Pengcheng Yin Haiyang Cui Longwu Liang
2017 SSCI Rural Population change in China: Spatial differences,driving forces and policy implication JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 51 4 189-197 刘盛和 刘振 刘盛和 金浩然 戚伟  
2017 SCI Modeling urban housing price: the perspective of household activity demand JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 5 619-630 牛方曲 牛方曲 刘卫东      
2017 SSCI Capturing gains by relocating global production networks: the rise of Chongqing’s notebook computer industry, 2008–2014 Eurasian Geography and Economics 58 2 231–257 Michael Dunford Boyang Gao Michael Dunford Glen Norcliffe 刘志高  
2017 SCI Effect of Nitrate Leaching Caused by Swine Manure Application in Fields of the Yellow River Irrigation Zone of Ningxia, China SCIENTIFIC REPORTS       杨正礼 杨世琦 王永生 刘汝亮 张爱平 杨正礼
2017 SCI Revitalize the world's countryside NATURE 548   275-277 李玉恒 刘彦随 李玉恒      
2017 SCI Exploring the differential impacts of urban transit system on the spatial distribution of local and floating population in Beijing JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 6 731-751 刘盛和 赵美风 刘盛和 戚伟    
2017 SCI Linkage of kinetic parameters with process parameters and operational conditions during anaerobic digestion ENERGY   135 352-360 毛春兰 毛春兰 王晓娇 席建超 Yongzhong Feng Guangxin Ren
2017 SCI Application of UTCI in China from tourism perspective THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY 128 3-4 551-561 孔钦钦 葛全胜 孔钦钦 席建超 郑景云  
2017 SCI Potential Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation on Maize in Northeast China AGRONOMY JOURNAL 109 4 1476-1490 吴文祥 林裕梅 封志明 吴文祥 杨艳昭 周扬
2017 SCI Spatial inequality of water footprint in China: A detailed decomposition of inequality from water use types and drivers JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 553   398-407 孙思奥 孙思奥 方创琳 吕金燕    
2017 SSCI Spatial and economic effects of the Bohai Strait Cross-Sea Channel on the transportation accessibility in China APPLIED GEOGRAPHY 83 7 86-99 鲍超 王振波 许光 鲍超 Jianbin Xu Fenghua Sun
2017 SCI Biochar amendment reduces paddy soil nitrogen leaching but increases net global warming potential in Ningxia irrigation, China SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7   1592 张爱平 王永生 刘彦随 刘汝亮 张爱平 杨世琦
2017 SCI Are the temporal variation and spatial variation of ambient SO2 concentrations determined by different factors? JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 167   824-836 余建辉 杨雪 王少剑 张文忠 余建辉  
2017 SCI The effect of natural and anthropogenic factors on haze pollution in Chinese cities: A spatial econometrics approach JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION   165 323-333 方创琳 刘海猛 方创琳 Zhang Xiaoling Wang Zheye 鲍超
2017 SCI Evolution and spatial characteristics of tourism field strength of cities linked by high-speed rail (HSR) network in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 7 835-856 王开泳 汪德根 牛玉 孙凤 王开泳 钱佳
2017 SCI Evolution and geographic effects of high-speed rail in East Asia: An accessibility approach JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 5 515-532 Jiao Jingjuan 金凤君 Jiao Jingjuan Qi yuanjing 杨宇  
2017 SCI International symposiums on urbanization and planning in China and India, organized by the delegation of the Geographical Society of China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 9 1151-1152   杨宇 李佳洺      
2017 SCI Impacts and effects of government regulation on farmers’ responses to drought: A case study of North China Plain JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 12 1481-1498 杨宇 李小云 杨宇 刘毅 刘慧  
2017 SCI Circuity analyses of HSR network and highspeed train paths in China PLOS ONE         Xinlei Hu Shuo Zhao Feng Shi 黄洁 Xinghua Shan
2017 SCI Energy Abundance and China’s Economic Growth: 2000–2014 CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 27 5 673-683   孙东琪 陆大道 李宇 ZHOU Liang ZHANG Mingdou
2017 SSCI Spatial Equity Measure on Urban Ecological Space Layout Based on Accessibility of Socially Vulnerable Groups—A Case Study of Changting, China SUSTAINABILITY 2017 9 1-20 王振波 Yanhua Yuan Jiangang XU 王振波    
2017 SSCI Impact of Climate Change on Tourism on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Research Based on a Literature Review SUSTAINABILITY   9 1539 Yuxi Zeng 王灵恩 Yuxi Zeng 钟林生    
2017 SCI Spatial econometric analysis on influencing factors of water consumption efficiency in urbanizing China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 12 1450-1462 鲍超 鲍超 陈小杰      
2017 SSCI County-Rural Transformation Development from Viewpoint of “Population-Land-Industry” in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region under the Background of Rapid Urbanization SUSTAINABILITY 9   1-13 杨园园 李进涛 杨园园 蒋宁    
2017 SCI Factors that Influence the Tourism Industry's Carbon Emissions: a Tourism ENERGY POLICY   109 704-718 唐承财 唐承财 钟林生 Pin Ng    
2017 SCI Effects of pre-oxidation and adsorption on haloacetonitrile and trichloronitromethane formation during subsequent chlorination ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH         刘志刚 陈伟 虞虎  Hui Tao Hang Xu
2017 SSCI A comparison of indirect connectivity in Chinese airport hubs: 2010 vs. 2015 Journal of Air Transport Management 65   29-39 王姣娥 黄洁 王姣娥      
2017 SCI A review of Geographical Dynamics and Firm Spatial Strategy in China by Shengjun Zhu, John Pickles and Canfei H JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 10  1279-1280    孙东琪        
2017 SCI coordinated ramp metering with equity consideration using reinforcement learning Journal of Transportation Engineering         Chao Lu 黄洁  Lianbo Deng Jianwei Gong  
2017 SCI Towards green growth and management: Relative efficiency and gaps of Chinese cities RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 80   481-494 杨振山 赵汀 杨振山      
2017 SCI A three-scale input-output analysis of water use in a regional economy: Hebei province in China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 156   962-974 韩梦瑶 Siyuan Liu Xudong Wu 韩梦瑶 Jianjiao Zhang Bin Chen
2017 SCI Use of Intensity Analysis to Measure Land Use Changes from 1932 to 2005 in Zhenlai County, Northeast China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 27 3 441-455   杨园园 刘彦随 徐迪 张树文  
2017 SCI Visitors to protected areas in China BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 209   83-88   Ralf Buckley 钟林生 马向远    
2017 SCI Analyzing spatial variations in land use/cover distributions: A case study of Nanchang area, China ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 76   52-63 zhang yang zhang yang 王传胜 Hongbin Xie Jie Zhang Jiaping Wu
2017 SCI Analysis of Factors Contributing to Changes in Energy Consumption in Tangshan City between 2007 and 2012 SUSTAINABILITY 9 3 452 唐志鹏 邹嘉龄 刘卫东 唐志鹏    
2017 SCI The impacts of emissions accounting methods on an imperfect competitive carbon trading market ENERGY 119   67-76 唐志鹏 夏炎 唐志鹏      
2017 SSCI Spatio-temporal patterns of rural poverty in China and targeted poverty alleviation strategies JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 52   66-75 周扬 刘彦随 刘继来 周扬    
2017 SCI Comment on “Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicty of China's Great Flood and the Xia dynasty SCIENCE 335   1382 葛全胜 吴文祥 戴君虎 周扬 葛全胜  
2017 SCI New-type urbanization in China: Predicted trends and investment demand for 2015–2030 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 27 8 943-966 李宇 孙东琪 ZHOU Liang 李宇 刘海猛 SHEN Xiaoyan
2017 SCI Analyzing historical land use changes using a Historical Land Use Reconstruction Model: a case study in Zhenlai County, northeastern China SCIENTIFIC REPORTS     1-16 杨园园 杨园园 张树文 刘彦随 Xiaoshi Xing Alex de Sherbinin
2017 SSCI Conversion from rural settlements and arable land under rapid urbanization in Beijing during 1985-2010 JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 51   141-150 杨园园 刘彦随 杨园园 李裕瑞 李进涛  
2017 SCI A framework for evaluating global national energy security APPLIED ENERGY 188   19–31 周侃 王强 周侃      
2017 SSCI Identifying the determinants of housing prices in China using spatial regression and the geographical detector technique APPLIED GEOGRAPHY 79   26-36 李广东 王洋 王少剑 李广东 张虹鸥 金丽霞
2017 SSCI Car ownership and urban development in Chinese cities: A panel data analysis JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT GEOGRAPHY 58   127-134 杨振山 杨振山 Peng Jia 刘卫东  Hongchun Yin  
2017 SCI Examining the driving factors o fenergy related carbon emissions using the extended STIRPATmodel based on IPAT identity inXinjiang RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 67   51-61   王长建 Wang Fei Xinlin Zhang 杨宇 Yongxian Su
2017 SSCI Government support, social capital and adaptation to urban flooding by residents in the Pearl River Delta area, China HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 59   21-31 马丽 梁育填 姜超 马丽 柳林 chen weishan
2016 SSCI World rare earths trade network: Patterns, relations and role characteristics Resources Policy  50   119–130 王熙博 葛建平 王熙博 管清 李伟亨 朱鹤
2016 SCI Culture sustainability: Culture Quotient (CQ) and its quantitative empirical application to Chinese cities SUSTAINABILITY 8   1235-1247 蔡建明 林静 蔡建明 韩燕 朱鹤 程哲
2016 SCI Alternative industrial carbon emissions benchmark based on input-output analysis FRONTIERS OF EARTH SCIENCE 10 4 731 –739   韩梦瑶 Xi JI      
2016 SSCI Tools for helping comprehend ageing China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 48 7 1211-1213  杨振山 杨振山        
2016 SCI Evaluation of farmland losses from sea level rise and storm surges in the Pearl River Delta region under global climate change JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 4 439-456 马丽 康蕾 马丽 刘毅    
2016 SCI Designing the Management Strategies for CO2 Storage and Utilization under Uncertainty using an inexact modeling Engineering Optimization  7 10 1-16   王昱 樊杰 许叶 孙威 陈东
2016 SCI The influence of Chinese population policy change on resources and the environment Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment 14 4 227-234 王开泳 王开泳 李苑溪 J u n D i n g a    
2016 SCI Progress Of Economic Geography in China’s Mainland Since 2000 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES  26 8 1019-1040 刘卫东 刘卫东 宋周莺 刘志高    
2016 SCI Population distribution and urbanization on both sides of the Hu Huanyong Line:Answering the Premier’s question JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 11 1593-1610 张华 陈明星 龚颖华 李扬 陆大道 张华
2016 SCI Simulating climate change impacts and adaptive measures for rice cultivation in Hunan Province, China JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY AND CLIMATOLOGY 55   1359-1375 吴文祥 李娅梅 吴文祥 葛全胜 周扬 徐晨晨
2016 SCI 节能导向下中部地区产业结构优化(英文)[J].Journal of Geographical Sciences JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 9 1377-1388 樊杰 孙威 李文会 唐志鹏 樊杰  
2016 SSCI The Spatio-temporal change of China’s net floating population at county scale from 2000 to 2010 ASIA PACIFIC VIEWPOINT 57 3 365–378 乔陆印 乔陆印 李裕瑞 刘彦随 杨忍  
2016 SCI Efficiency evaluation of material and energy flows, a case study of Chinese cities JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 112 5 3667-3675 杨振山 宋涛 杨振山 Teresa Chahine    
2016 SSCI Rural restructuring in China JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 47   387-391 龙花楼 龙花楼 刘彦随      
2016 SCI Land use transitions and their dynamic mechanism: The case of the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 5  515-530  龙花楼 刘永强 龙花楼      
2016 SCI Economic-energy-industrial-environmental optimization (EEIEO) model for identification of optimal strategies - a case study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, China Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 40     龙花楼 陈聪 龙花楼 J Wan JL Jia X Li
2016 SCI An integrated indicator on regional ecological civilization construction in China  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND WORLD ECOLOGY 23 1 53–60 刘星辰 刘某承 刘星辰 杨振山    
2016 SCI Urban Metabolic Efficiencies and Elasticities of Chinese Cities CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 32 8 715–730 杨振山 宋涛 蔡建明 杨振山 陈明星 林静
2016 SSCI Spatial distribution characteristics and optimized reconstruction analysis of China’s rural settlements during the process of rapid urbanization JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 47   413-424 杨忍 杨忍 Qian Xu 龙花楼    
2016 SSCI The allocation and management of critical resources in rural China under restructuring: Problems and prospects. JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 47   392-412 龙花楼 龙花楼 屠爽爽 戈大专 李婷婷 刘彦随
2016 SCI Underperformance of planning for peri-urban rural sustainable development: The case of Mentougou district in Beijing SUSTAINABILITY     858-876 蔡建明 林静 蔡建明 韩非 韩燕 刘军萍
2016 SSCI Determinants of island tourism development: The example of Dachangshan Island TOURISM MANAGEMENT 55    261-271 yang jun 杨俊 Yuting Ge 葛全胜 席建超 Xueming L
2016 SCI The effect of economic growth, urbanization, and industrialization on fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentrations in China ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 50 21 11452-11459 李广东 李广东 方创琳 王少剑 孙思奥  
2016 SSCI Bottom-up initiatives and revival in the face of rural decline: Case studies from China and Sweden JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 47   506-513 刘彦随 李玉恒 Hans Westlund Xiaoyu Zheng 刘彦随  
2016 SCI A SP Survey-based Method for Evaluating Environmental Performance of Urban Commercial districts: A case study in Beijing Habitat International 53   284-291   Wang Fang Li Yan 高晓路    
2016 SCI Urban hydrologic trend analysis based on rainfall and runoff data analysis and conceptual model calibration HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES       孙思奥 孙思奥 Sylvie Barrand Flora Branger Isabelle Braud Helene Catebrunet
2016 SCI The characteristics and drivers of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ) distribution in China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2016 142 1800-1809   王少剑 周春山 王振波 Kuishuang Feng Klaus Hubacek
2016 SCI Exploring spatiotemporal patterns of PM2.5 in China based on ground-level observations for 190 cities ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 216   559-567 Haifeng Zhang Haifeng Zhang Zhaohai Wang 张文忠    
2016 SCI Impacts of energy consumption, energy structure, and treatment technology on SO2 emissions: A multi-scale LMDI decomposition analysis in China APPLIED ENERGY 184   714-726 张文忠 杨雪 王少剑 张文忠 李佳洺 Zou Yafeng
2016 SCI Tourism Competitiveness Evaluation and Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Chinese Border Counties CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE       钟林生 时雨晴 钟林生 陈田 虞虎  
2016 SSCI The Physical and Psychological Health of Migrants in Guangzhou, China: How Does Neighborhood Matter? INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 53   1-8   chenhongsheng Zhenjun Zhu 孙东琪  Xingping Wang  
2016 SSCI The Impact of High-Speed Rail on Residents’ Travel Behavior and Household Mobility: A Case Study of the Beijing-Shanghai Line, China SUSTAINABILITY   8 1187-1201 孙东琪 Hongsheng Chen 孙东琪 Zhenjun Zhu Jun Zeng  
2016 SCI Progress of research on transportation geography in China  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 8 1067-1080 金凤君 金凤君 王成金 CAO YOUHUI CAO XIAOSHU 王姣娥
2016 SSCI Spatio-temporal dynamics of public private partnership projects in China International Journal of Project Management 34   1242–1251 蔡建明 程哲 Yongjian Ke 林静 杨振山 蔡建明
2016 SCI Respondent uncertainty and reliability in contingent valuation—A case of the Dalia Lake Protected Area LIMNOLOGICA 58   59-68 钟林生 王朋薇  J. Ya 钟林生 R. Mei  
2016 SCI Reinforcement Learning for Ramp Control: An Analysis of Learning Parameters Promet-Traffic & Transportation 28 4 371-381 黄洁 Chao Lu 黄洁 JIANWEI GONG    
2016 SCI A self-learning system for local ramp metering with queue management Transportation Planning and Technology     1-17 黄洁 Chao Lu 黄洁      
2016 SCI China's Different Spatial Patterns of Population Growth Based on the “Hu Line” JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 11 1611-1625 刘盛和 戚伟 刘盛和 赵美风 LIU Zhen  
2016 SCI Spatial-temporal characteristics and determinants of PM2.5 in the Bohai Rim Urban Agglomeration CHEMOSPHERE 148   148-162 方创琳 王振波 方创琳      
2016 SCI Spatiotemporal variations of energy-related CO2 emissions in China and its influencing factors: an empirical analysis based on provincial panel data RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 55   505-515 方创琳 王少剑 方创琳 Yang Wang    
2016 SCI  Quantitative Study on the Dynamic Mechanism of Smart Low-carbon City Development in China SUSTAINABILITY 6 6 507-525 庞博 方创琳 庞博 刘海猛    
2016 SCI A comprehensive assessment of urban vulnerability and its spatial differentiation in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 2 153-170 方创琳 方创琳 王岩 FANG Jiawen    
2016 SCI Spatial-temporal characteristics and determinants of PM2.5 in China: A city-level perspective analysis JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 11 1519-1532 王振波 方创琳 王振波 许光    
2016 SCI The relationship between economic growth, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions: Empirical evidence from Chin SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 542   360-371 方创琳 王少剑 李秋颖 方创琳    
2016 SCI Human activity intensity of land surface: Concept, methods and application in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 9 1349-1361 汤青 徐勇 徐小任 汤青    
2016 SSCI A geographic identification of multidimensional poverty in rural China under the framework of sustainable livelihoods analysis APPLIED GEOGRAPHY 73 2016 62-76 刘艳华 刘艳华 徐勇      
2016 SCI Selection of relevant input variables in storm water quality modeling by multiobjective evolutionary polynomial regression paradigm WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH     2403-2419 E. Creaco E. Creaco L. Berardi 孙思奥 O. Giustolisi D. Savic
2016 SSCI Urban Land Development for Industrial and Commercial Use: A Case Study of Beijing SUSTAINABILITY   8 1323-1338 杨振山 Chuanzun Sun Chao Sun 杨振山 Jikang Zhang 邓羽
2016 SCI Design and performance evaluation of a simplified dynamic model for combined sewer overflows in pumped sewer systems JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 538   609-624   Petra van Daal-Rombouts 孙思奥 Jeroen Langeveld Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski Fran?ois Clemens
2016 SCI Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Urban-Rural Development and Transformation in East of the “Hu Huanyong Line”, China ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 5 3 1-18   胡智超 Yanglin Wang 刘彦随 龙花楼 Jian Peng
2016 SCI Progress in international geopolitical research from 1996 to 2015 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 4 497-512 宋涛 宋涛 陆大道 梁宜 王倩 林静
2016 SSCI Urban Land Use Change and Regional Access: A Case Study in Beijing, China HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 51   103-113 邓羽 邓羽 Srinivasan Sumeeta      
2016 SCI Measuring Time Accessibility and Its Spatial Characteristics in Beijing Urban Area JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES       宋辞 王江浩 邓羽 宋辞 田大江  
2016 SCI Regional inequality in underdeveloped areas: a case study of Guizhou Province in China SUSTAINABILITY       梁育填 孙威 林晓娜 梁育填 李璐  
2016 SCI Understanding Relationship Between Accessibility and Economic Growth: A Case Study from China (1990–2010)  CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE       王姣娥 焦敬娟 王姣娥 金凤君 DU Chao  
2016 SSCI Spatial representations and policy implications of industrial coagglomerations, a case study of Beijing HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 55   32-45 宋涛 杨振山 宋涛 Teresa Chahine    
2016 SCI Differential responses of rice yield to climage change between reclamation and general agricultural areas in the Heilongjiang province of China from 1951 to 2011 Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 15 4 945-951 吴文祥 周扬 吴文祥 李宁 董冠鹏  
2016 SCI Realizing Targeted Poverty Alleviation in China: People's Voices, Implementation Challenges and Policy Implications CHINA AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIC REVIEW 8 3 443-454   李玉恒 Baozhong Su 刘彦随    
2016 SSCI Peri-urban agricultural development in Beijing: Varied forms, innovative practices and policy implications HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 56    222-234 杨振山 杨振山 Pu Hao 刘卫东 蔡建明  
2016 SCI Eco-compensation and Harmonious Regional Development CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 26 3 283-294 陈明星 刘春腊 刘卫东 陆大道 陈明星 MICK
2016 SCI Industrial structure optimization in central China under the energy constraint JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 9 1377-1388 樊杰 孙威 李文会 唐志鹏 樊杰  
2016 SSCI Global energy networks: Insights from headquarter subsidiary data of transnational petroleum corporations APPLIED GEOGRAPHY 72   36-46   杨宇 董雯      
2016 SCI Progress in China’s sustainable development research: Contribution of Chinese geographers JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 8 1176-1196 刘毅 杨宇 刘毅      
2016 SCI Livelihood changes and evolution of upland ethnic communities driven by tourism: a case study in Guizhou province, southwest China JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 13 7 1313-1332   李亚娟 虞虎 陈田 胡静 崔海洋
2016 SCI Spatiotemporal evolution of urban air quality and socioeconomic driving forces in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 11 1533-1549 王岱 蔺雪芹 王岱      
2016 SCI Using a Bayesian approach to improve and calibrate a dynamic model of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation in an industrial contaminated soil ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 215   27-37 St ephanie Ouvrard Khaled Brimo Patricia Garnier 孙思奥 Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski Aur elie C ebron
2016 SCI Progress of research on urban-rural transformation and rural development in China in the past decade and future prospects JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 8 1117-1132 刘彦随 刘彦随 龙花楼 陈玉福 王介勇 李裕瑞
2016 SCI Disaster risk: Strengthen China's flood control NATURE 536   396 刘彦随 周扬 刘彦随 吴文祥    
2016 SCI Overview and progress of Chinese geographical human settlement research JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 8 1159-1175 张文忠 马仁峰 wang tengfei 张文忠 余建辉 王岱
2016 SSCI The spatio-temporal patterns of urban-rural development transformation in China since 1990 HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 53   178-187  王艳飞 王艳飞 刘彦随 李玉恒 李婷婷  
2016 SCI Does population have a larger impact on carbon dioxide emissions than income? Evidence from a cross-regional panel analysis in China APPLIED ENERGY 180   800-809 刘彦随 周扬 刘彦随      
2016 SCI International progress and evaluation on interactive coupling effects between urbanization and the eco-environment JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 8 1081-1116 刘海猛 方创琳 刘海猛 李广东    
2016 SSCI Harbin: A rust belt city revival from its strategic position Cities 58 C 26-38 杨振山 Liou Xie 杨振山 蔡建明 程哲 温婷
2016 SCI Ventilating Beijing cannot fix pollution  NATURE 532   441 刘彦随 刘彦随 周扬 李裕瑞    
2016 SCI CO2, economic growth, and energy consumption in China’s provinces:Investigating the spatiotemporal and econometric characteristics of China’s CO2emissions ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 69   184–195 李广东 王少剑 周春山 李广东 冯奎爽  
2016 SSCI Air deregulation in China and its impact on airline competition 1994– 2012 JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT GEOGRAPHY   50 12-23 王姣娥 王姣娥 David Bonilla David Banister    
2016 SCI Changing and Differentiated Urban Landscape in China: Spatiotemporal Patterns and Driving Forces ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 50   2217?2227 李广东 方创琳 李广东 王少剑    
2016 SCI The Haze Nightmare Following the Economic Boom in China: Dilemma and Tradeoffs INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH 13 4 402 Yanqiang Wei  孙建 Jinniu Wang Yanqiang Wei  李裕瑞  Miao Liu 
2016 SCI The Impacts of Chinese Nian Culture on Air Pollution JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION   112 1740-1745 陈睿山 叶超 陈睿山 陈明星    
2016 SCI Exploring spatiotemporal changes in ecosystem-service values and hotspots in China SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 545-546   609–620 方创琳 李广东 方创琳 王少剑    
2015 SSCI Visualizing intercity scientific collaboration networks in China ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A-ECONOMY AND SPACE 47 11 2229-2231 修春亮 陈伟 修春亮 刘卫东 刘志高 俞肇元
2015 SCI A spatial-temporal analysis of urban recreational business districts: A case study in Beijing, China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 12 1521-1536 刘家明 朱鹤 刘家明 陈晨 林静 陶慧
2015 SCI Modeling the spatial distribution of urban population during the daytime and at night based on land use: A case study in Beijing, China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 6 756-768 刘盛和 戚伟 刘盛和 高晓路 赵美风  
2015 SSCI Identifying Ecological Red Lines: A Case Study of the Coast in Liaoning Province SUSTAINABILITY 2015 7 9461-9477 王传胜 王传胜 孙贵艳 党丽娟    
2015 SCI Spatial morphology evolution of rural settlements induced by tourism A comparative study of three villages in Yesanpo tourism area, China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 4 497-511 席建超 席建超 王新歌 孔钦钦    
2015 SSCI Visualizing the intellectual structure and evolution of innovation systems research: a bibliometric analysis SCIENTOMETRICS 103 1 135-158 尹贻梅 刘志高 尹贻梅 刘卫东 Michael Dunford  
2015 SCI A Study on Urban Economic Vulnerability Evaluation System JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 10 1264-1278 牛方曲 袁海红 牛方曲 高晓路    
2015 SCI Simulating Climate change impacts and potential adaptations on rice yields in the Sichuan Basin, China MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION STRATEGIES FOR GLOBAL CHANGE       吴文祥 徐晨晨 吴文祥 葛全胜 周扬 林裕梅
2015 SCI Zoning assessment of water environmental supporting capacity for socioeconomic development in the Huaihe River Basin, China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 10 1199-1217 孙东琪 周亮 孙东琪 徐建刚    
2015 SSCI Uneven compensation and relocation for displaced residents: The case of Nanjing HABITAT INTERNATIONAL   47 83-92 孙东琪 Yi Hu Pieter Hooimeijer Gideon Bolt 孙东琪  
2015 SSCI Improvement of Air Quality and Thermal Environment in an Old City District by Constructing Wind Passages SUSTAINABILITY   7 12672-12692 孙东琪 ChongPeng ChuLi Zuyu Zou Suwan Shen 孙东琪
2015 SCI Sand stabilization effect of feldspathic sandstone during the fallow period in Mu Us Sandy Land JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 4 428-436  刘彦随 韩霁昌 刘彦随 ZHANG Yang    
2015 SSCI Urban boundary extraction and sprawl analysis using Landsat images: A case study in Wuhan, China HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 47   183-195   胡守庚 Luyi Tong Amy E. Frazier 刘彦随  
2015 SCI Spatiotemporal characteristics, determinants and scenario analysis of CO2 emissions in China using provincial panel data PLOS ONE 10 9 e0138666 李广东 王少剑 方创琳 李广东    
2015 SCI Reducing Curtailment of Wind Electricity in China by Employing Electric Boilers for Heat and Pumped Hydro for Energy Storage Applied Energy APPLIED ENERGY       鲁玺 张宁 Mike Chris 陈新宇  
2015 SCI Evolution of regional transport dominance in China 1910-2012 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 6 723-738 王姣娥 胡浩 王姣娥 金凤君 Ding Nan  
2015 SCI Relational pattern of urbanization and economic development: Parameter re-evaluation of the Chenery model JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 8 991-1002   陈明星 唐志鹏 白永平 张晓平  
2015 SCI Multi-Scale Analysis of Regional Inequality based on Spatial Field Model: A Case Study of China from 2000 to 2012 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information   4 1982-2003 邓羽 Shasha Lu Xingliang Guan Danlin Yu 邓羽 Linjie Zhou
2015 SCI Spatial polarization of villages in tourist destinations: A case study from Yesanpo, China JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 12 4 1038-1050   席建超 孔钦钦 王新歌    
2015 SSCI Driving factors of carbon embodied in China's provincial exports Energy Economics 51   445-454 唐志鹏 张友国 唐志鹏      
2015 SCI Spatial differences and driving forces of land urbanization in China  JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 5 545-558 王洋 蔺雪芹 王洋 王少剑 王岱  
2015 SSCI Analysis of income inequality based on income mobility for poverty alleviation in rural China SUSTAINABILITY 7 12 15951-15972 龙花楼 李婷婷 龙花楼 屠爽爽 王艳飞  
2015 SCI Input-occupancy-output analysis of industrial wastewater discharge coefficient and backward and forward linkages: Multi-regional occupancy Journal of Systems Science and Complexity 28 6 1344-1362  夏炎 唐志鹏 夏炎      
2015 SCI Evaluation and Analysis of Provincial Differences in Resources and Environment Carrying Capacity in China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 3 1-11 樊杰 程婧瑶 周侃 陈东 樊杰  
2015 SCI Carbon emissions embodied in value added chains in China JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 103   362-370 刘卫东 刘红光 刘卫东 范晓梅 刘志高  
2015 SCI From sequential to parallel growth of cities: theory and evidence from Canada CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE     1-12 孙威 盛科荣 樊杰 孙威 MA Hailong  
2015 SCI Using a Cellular Automata-Markov Model to Reconstruct Spatial Land-Use Patterns in Zhenlai County, Northeast China SUSTAINABILITY 8 5 3882-3902 张树文 杨园园 张树文 杨久春 邢小士 王冬艳
2015 SSCI Examining spatial pattern and location choice of affordable housing in Beijing, China: Developing a workable assessment framework URBAN STUDIES 52 10 1846-1863 陈明星 陈明星 张文忠 陆大道    
2015 SSCI Spatio-temporal pattern of China's rural development: A rurality index perspective JOURNAL OF RURAL STUDIES 38   12-26 龙花楼 李裕瑞 龙花楼 刘彦随    
2015 SCI Assessment of China's virtual air pollution transport embodied in trade by using a consumption-based emission inventory ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 15 12 5443–5456 Q. Zhang H. Y. Zhao Q. Zhang D. B. Guan S. J. Davis Z. Liu4
2015 SCI Assessing the Atmospheric Oxygen Balance in a Region of Rapid Urbanization: A Case Study in the Pearl River Delta, China SUSTAINABILITY   7 13055-13072 Jian Peng Jian Peng An Wang Yanxu Liu 刘卫东  
2015 SCI Integrated risk assessment of mutil-hazards in China NATURAL HAZARDS 78 1 257-280 李宁 周扬 刘彦随 吴文祥 李宁  
2015 SCI A brief background to Rural Restructuring in China: A forthcoming special issue of Journal of Rural Studies JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 10 1279-1280 龙花楼 龙花楼 刘彦随      
2015 SCI Energy consumption and carbon emission for tourism transport in World Heritage Sites: a case of the Wulingyuan area in China Natural Resources Forum 39    134–150 钟林生 唐承财 钟林生 Wenjing Fan 成升魁  
2015 SCI Environmental and visitor management in a thousand protected areas in China BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION 181   219–225 Ralf Buckley 钟林生 Ralf Buckley Cassandra Wardle 王灵恩  
2015 SCI Sensitivity of Chinese Industrial Wastewater Discharge Reduction to Direct Input Coefficients in an Input-output Context CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 1 85-97 唐志鹏 唐志鹏 公丕萍 刘卫东 李江苏  
2015 SSCI A Hybrid Inexact Optimization Method for Land-Use Allocation in Association with Environmental/Ecological Requirements at a Watershed Level SUSTAINABILITY    7 4643-4667 Shasha Lu Bingkui Qiu Shasha Lu Min Zhou Lu Zhang 邓羽
2015 SSCI Spatio-Temporal Features of China’s Urban Fires: An Investigation with Reference to Gross Domestic Product and Humidity SUSTAINABILITY 7 7 9734-9752 张晓瑞 王振波 张晓瑞 徐波    
2015 SCI Spatial pattern and its evolution of Chinese provincial population JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 12 1507-1520 鲁玺 邓羽 刘盛和 蔡建明 鲁玺 Chris P NIELSEN
2015 SCI Differentiation regularity of urban-rural equalized development at prefecture-level city in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 9 1075-1088 刘彦随 刘彦随 陈聪 李裕瑞    
2015 SCI Assessment of soil erosion using RUSLE and GIS: a case study of the Yangou watershed in the Loess Plateau, China ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES   73 1715-1724 LiYang 汤青 徐勇 BennettSeanJ. LiYang  
2015 SCI Dynamic trends and driving forces of land use intensification of cultivated land in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 1 45 李裕瑞 王国刚 刘彦随 李裕瑞 陈秧分  
2015 SCI Spatiotemporal Variation and Abrupt Change Analysis of Temperature from 1960 to 2012 in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain ADVANCES IN METEOROLOGY       刘慧 尹衍雨 刘慧 Xiangsheng Yi 刘卫东  
2015 SCI Tourists’ Perception of Haze Pollution and the Potential Impacts on Travel: Reshaping the Features of Tourism Seasonality in Beijing, China SUSTAINABILITY   7 2397-2414 钟林生 张爱平 钟林生 徐勇 Hui Wang 党丽娟
2015 SCI Land suitability assessment for post-earthquake reconstruction: A case study of Lushan in Sichuan, China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 7 865-878 徐勇 汤青 LI Yang 徐勇    
2015 SSCI The pattern of available construction land along the Xijiang River inGuangxi, China LAND USE POLICY 42   102-112 徐勇 党丽娟 徐勇 汤青    
2015 SSCI The 798 Art District: multi-scalar drivers of landuse succession and industrial restructuring in Beijing. HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 46 4 147–155 刘志高 尹贻梅 刘志高 Michael Dunford 刘卫东  
2015 SSCI Carbon emissions embodied in demand-supply chains in China Energy Economics 50   294-305 刘红光 刘红光 刘卫东 范晓梅 邹伟  
2015 SCI The failureofChina'sEnergyDevelopmentStrategy2050 and itsimpactoncarbonemissions RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 49 9 1160-1170 孙威 樊杰 Qiang Wang 孙威    
2015 SCI Estimating Inter-Regional Trade Flows in China – a sector-specific spatial statistic model JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 10 1247-1263 刘卫东 刘卫东 李鑫 刘红光 唐志鹏 关大鹏
2015 SCI The measurement of the spatial effects of Chinese regional carbon emissions caused by exports JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 11 1328-1342 唐志鹏 唐志鹏 刘卫东 公丕萍    
2015 SCI Distribution characteristics and policy implications of territorial development suitability of the Yangtze River Basin JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 11 1377-1392 樊杰 唐常春 樊杰 孙威    
2015 SCI Quantifying the relationship between urban development intensity and carbon dioxide emissions using a panel data analysis ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 49   121-131 方创琳 王少剑 方创琳 王洋 黄永斌 马海涛
2015 SCI Structure of the Chinese City Network As Driven by Technological Knowledge Flows CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 4 498-510 方创琳 马海涛 方创琳 庞博 王少剑  
2015 SCI A Regional Categorization for “New-Type Urbanization” in China PLOS ONE 10 8 e0134253 马海涛 方创琳 马海涛 王婧    
2015 SSCI The causal relationship between urbanization, economic growth and water use change in provincial China SUSTAINABILITY 7 12 16076–16085 鲍超 鲍超 贺东梅      
2015 SCI Important progress and future direction of studies on China's urban agglomerations JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 8 1003-1024 方创琳 方创琳        
2015 SSCI Do regional factors matter? Determinants of hotel industry performance in China TOURISM MANAGEMENT 52   243-252 杨振山 杨振山 蔡建明      
2015 SSCI Economic clusters: A bridge between economic and spatial policies in the case of Beijing CITIES 42   171-185 杨振山 杨振山 郝璞 蔡建明    
2015 SCI Village network centrality in rural tourism destination: A case from Yesanpo tourism area, China JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 12 3 759-768 席建超 张瑞英 席建超 王首琨    
2015 SCI Prolonged dry episodes over Northeast China during the period 1961-2012 THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY 2015 112 711-719 郑景云 孔钦钦 葛全胜 郑景云 席建超  
2015 SCI The management in response to marine oil spill from ships in China: A systematic review Marine Pollution Bulletin 96   7-17 龙花楼 熊善高 龙花楼 Guoping Tang Jun Wan Hongyuan Li
2015 SSCI Multi-scale analysis of rural housing land transition under China’s rapid urbanization: The case of Bohai Rim HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 48   227-238 龙花楼 李婷婷 龙花楼 刘永强 屠爽爽  
2015 SCI Port Integration in China: Temporal Pathways, Spatial Patterns and Dynamics CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 2 1-17 王成金 王成金 César DUCRUET 王伟    
2015 SSCI Urban-rural transformation in relation to cultivated land conversion in China: Implications for optimizing land use and balanced regional development LAND USE POLICY   47 218-224 李玉恒 李玉恒 李裕瑞 Hans Westlund 刘彦随  
2015 SSCI Approaching Integrated Urban-rural Development in China: The Changing Institutional Roles SUSTAINABILITY     7031-7048 李玉恒 李玉恒 胡智超      
2015 SSCI The spatial distribution of industries in transitional China: A study of Beijing HABITAT INTERNATIONAL 49   33-44 余建辉 李佳洺 张文忠 陈红霞 余建辉  
2015 SCI Study on the synergy between intra-urban resident’s migration and job change in Beijing JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 8 978-990 张文忠 余建辉 董冠鹏 张文忠 李佳洺  
2015 SCI Multilevel Modelling with Spatial Interaction Effects with Application to an Emerging Land Market in Beijing, China PLOS ONE 10 6 1-18 余建辉 董冠鹏 Richard Harris Kelvyn Jones 余建辉  
2015 SCI Industrial Spatial Agglomeration Using Distance-based Approach in Beijing, China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 55 6 698-712 余建辉 李佳洺 张文忠 余建辉 陈红霞  
2015 SCI Factors Influencing the Conversion of Arable Land to Urban Use and Policy Implications in Beijing, China SUSTAINABILITY   7 180-194; 金浩然 黄大全 金浩然 赵星烁 刘盛和  
2015 SCI GIS-based effect assessment of soil erosion before and after gully land consolidation: A case study of Wangjiagou Project Region, Loess Plateau CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 2 137–146 李裕瑞 刘彦随 郭艳军 李裕瑞 李玉恒  
2015 SCI Urban Metabolism Based on Emergy and Slack Based Model: A Case Study of Beijing, China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE   25 113-123 邓羽 宋涛 蔡建明 xu hui 邓羽 牛方曲
2015 SSCI Physical capital, human capital and social capital: The changing roles in China’s economic growth Growth and Change 46   133-149 李玉恒 李玉恒 Xun Wang Hans Westlund 刘彦随  
2015 SSCI Estimating the Impact of Urbanization on Air Quality in China Using Spatial Regression Models SUSTAINABILITY   7 15570-15592 刘海猛 方创琳 刘海猛 李广东 孙东琪 Miao Zhuang
2015 SCI The driving effects of urbanization on economic growth and water use change in China: A provincial-level analysis in 1997-2011 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 5 530-544 鲍超 鲍超 陈小杰      
2015 SSCI Rural household income in transitional China: Spatial-temporal disparity and its interpretation CHINA-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 13 2 151-168 李玉恒 李玉恒 张正河 Hans Westlund 刘彦随  
2015 SCI Spatio-temporal characteristics of rural settlements and land use in the Bohai Rim of China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 5 559-572 刘彦随 杨忍 刘彦随 龙花楼 Qiao Luyin  
2015 SSCI Land use transitions and their effects on water environment in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, China LAND USE POLICY 47   293-301 龙花楼 刘永强 龙花楼 李婷婷 屠爽爽  
2015 SCI Changing urban forms and carbon dioxide emissions in China: A case study of 30 provincial capital cities APPLIED ENERGY   158 519–531 李广东 方创琳 王少剑 李广东    
2015 SCI Evaluation of the three-dimensional urban expansion: A case study of Yangzhou, China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 2 224-236 方创琳 秦静 方创琳 王洋 李广东  
2015 SCI Driving mechanism of cultivated land transition in Yantai proper, Shandong Province, China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 25 3 337-349 张义丰 秦伟山 张义丰 李广东    
2015 SCI Urbanization, economic growth, and carbon dioxide emissions in China: A panel cointegration and causality analysis JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 26 2 131-152 周扬 刘彦随 严镔 周扬    
2015 SCI Effects of rural-urban development transformation on energy consumption and CO2 emissions: A regional analysis in China RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 52   863-875 刘彦随 周扬 刘彦随 吴文祥 李裕瑞  
2015 SCI Assessing the impact of population, income and technology on energy consumption and industrial pollutant emissions in China APPLIED ENERGY 155   904-917 周扬 刘彦随 周扬 吴文祥    
2015 SSCI GIS Based Measurement and Regulatory Zoning of Urban Ecological Vulnerability SUSTAINABILITY 7 7 9924-9942 王振波 张晓瑞 王振波      
2015 SSCI Quantitative Diagnoses and Comprehensive Evaluations of the Rationality of Chinese Urban Development Patterns SUSTAINABILITY   7 3859-3884 王振波 方创琳 王振波      
2015 SCI Significant progress in transport geography in China JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 5 637-639 王成金 王成金 金凤君      
2015 SCI Evolution, accessibility and dynamics of road networks in China from 1600 BC to 1900 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 4 451-484 王成金 王成金 DUCRUET César      
2015 SCI Competition of High Speed Rail and Air Transport: Present and Future JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 9 1137-1152 王姣娥 王姣娥 焦敬娟 杜超 胡浩  
2015 SCI Small and flat worlds: A complex network analysis of international trade in crude oil  ENERGY   93P1 534-543 杨宇 杨宇 Jessie Poon 刘毅 Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen  
2015 SSCI A Novel Method for Simulating Urban Population Potential Based on Urban Patches: A Case Study in Jiangsu Province, China SUSTAINABILITY   7 3984-4003 杨小唤 董南 杨小唤 蔡红艳 王黎明  
2015 SCI Spatial expansion and potential of construction land use in the Yangtze River Delta JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 25 7 851-864 方创琳 王振波 方创琳      
2014 SSCI Rethinking of the Relationship between Agriculture and the Urban Economy in Beijing: An Input-Output Approach Technological and Economic Development of Economy      28 Jan 2014   杨振山 蔡建明 Michael Dunford Douglas Webster  
2014 SCI Urban Economic Cluster Template and Its Dynamics-A Case of Beijing CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 24 6 740-750   杨振山 蔡建明 梁进社    
2014 SCI Spatial Differentiation of Tourism Impact Based on the Perception of Residents in Mountainous Valley Resorts JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE 11 4 1070-1084 李山石 李山石 刘家明 王润 朱鹤  
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2014 SCI The sustainable development of innovative cities in China: comprehensive assessment and future configuration JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 6 1095-1114 马海涛 方创琳 马海涛 王振波 李广东  
2014 SCI Global mapping and estimation of ecosystem services values and gross domestic product: A spatially explicit integration of national 'green GDP' accounting ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS   46 293-314 方创琳 李广东 方创琳      
2014 SCI Impact of farmer households' livelihood assets on their options of economic compensation patterns for cultivated land protection JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 2 331-348 方创琳 李广东 方创琳 QiuDaochi WangLiping  
2014 SCI Assessment of provincial social vulnerability to natural disasters in China NATURAL HAZARDS 71 3 2165-2186 李宁 周扬 李宁 吴文祥 WuJidong  
2014 SCI Local spatial and temporal factors influencing population and societal vulnerability to natural disasters RISK ANALYSIS 34 4 614-639 李宁 周扬 李宁 吴文祥 吴吉东 史培军
2014 SCI Process and cause of urban–rural development transformation in the Bohai Rim Region, China. JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 6 1147-1160 李玉恒 刘彦随 胡智超 李玉恒    
2014 SCI Spatio-temporal analysis of urbanization and land and water resources efficiency of oasis cities in Tarim River Basin JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 3 509-525 杨宇 杨宇 刘毅      
2014 SSCI Ecotourism Environmental Protection Measures and Their Effects on Protected Areas in China SUSTAINABILITY         王灵恩 钟林生 张扬建 周彬  
2014 SSCI The spatio-temporal distribution and development modes of border ports in China SUSTAINABILITY   6 7089-7106   王姣娥 Cheng Yang Mo Huihui    
2014 SCI Evolution and Spatial Patterns of Spheres of Urban Influence  in China  CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 24 1 126-136 邓羽 王开泳 邓羽 Daowei Sun 宋涛  
2014 SCI A Comparative Study of Methods for Delineating Sphere of Urban Influence: A Case Study on Central China CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 24 6 751–762 邓羽 王昊 邓羽 Tian Enze 王开泳  
2014 SCI Spatial-temporal patterns of China's interprovincial migration, 1985-2010 JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 5 907-923 刘慧 LiYang 刘慧 汤青 陆大道 XiaoNingchuan
2014 SCI Spatiotemporal Changes of Farming-Pastoral Ecotone in Northern China, 1954–2005: A Case Study in Zhenlai County, Jilin Province SUSTAINABILITY 7 1 1-21 张树文 杨园园 张树文 王冬艳 杨久春 邢小士
2014 SCI A review of historical reconstruction methods of land use/land cover JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 4 746-766 张树文 杨园园 张树文 杨久春 常丽萍 卜坤
2014 SCI Sequential city growth:theory and evidence from the US JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 24 6  1161-1174 孙威 盛科荣 孙威 樊杰    
2014 SSCI Rural Residential Land Dynamic Modes and Policy Implications in Beijing Metropolitan Region HABITAT INTERNATIONAL   44 237-246   田光进   高晓路    
2014 SSCI Modeling satisfaction amongst the elderly in different Chinese urban neighborhoods Social Science & Medicine   118 127-134 高晓路 颜秉秋 高晓路      
2014 SSCI State land policy, land markets and geographies of manufacturing: The case of Beijing, China LAND USE POLICY 36   1-12 DunfordMichael GaoBoyang 刘卫东 DunfordMichael    
2014 SSCI Geography, trade and regional development Journal of Economic Geography 1 8 1 Michael Dunford Michael Dunford 刘卫东 刘志高 Godfrey Yeung  
2014 SCI Virtual Atmospheric Mercury Emission Network in China ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 48 5 2807-2815 LiangSai LiangSai ZhangChao WangYafei Xu Ming 刘卫东
2014 SCI Lifting China’s Water Spell ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   48 11048-11056 Dabo Guan Dabo Guan Klaus Hubacek Martin Tillotson Hongyan Zhao 刘卫东